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Zeux will transform existing complicated financial services and combine all the money essentials from both Fiat and Crypto world to help you towards your financial freedom.

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Current price

1 ETH = 5000 ZUC

Your all-in-one financial world

Secure KYC Service

  • Retain control of your private key for your personal data vault
  • Open multiple financial accounts with KYC information verified on the blockchain

Investment Platform

  • Get access to multiple investment products in an aggregated platform
  • First investment platform offering crypto fund products

Mobile Payment

  • Pay with Apple Pay/Google Pay/Samsung Pay to spend your fiat and crypto currencies anywhere

Decentralized Money Transfer

  • Transfer money to anyone, anywhere instantly with a few simple clicks
  • Easy and safe process using blockchain technology

Technology & Security

Digital Asset Insurance

  • Your crypto assets in Zeux are insured by Lloyd’s of London Syndicate for up to $100 million.
  • CCSS Level 3 and SOC 2 compliant.
  • Insurance service provided at no extra cost to customers.

Bank Grade Security

  • Zeux technology team has extensive industry experience in system security within financial services and in-depth knowledge in blockchain.
  • Zeux uses multi-layered state-of-the-art security measures to ensure the safety and security of its system.

Regulation & Compliance


  • PSD2, also known as Open Banking underpins Zeux’s key offerings.
  • It provides a regulated platform from which we can obtain customer data to process financial services.
  • The features ultimately make it easier and more convenient to initiate payments and reduce the delays for our customers.


  • Zeux is authorised as an EMD agent by the FCA, which gives it permissions to perform electronic money activities.
  • Zeux is authorised for arranging deals in investment activity and also authorised as an Account Information Service Provider and a Payment Initiation Service Provider (AISP, PISP).


By holding ZeuxCoin,  you can enjoy cashback on all crypto payments,  get discounts on your crypto investment fees and instant access to your secure KYC service.  Zeux also provide our customers with rewards that encourage active management and tracking of their asset and investments.

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  1. 2018

    • April

      Alpha version completed

    • May

      Key payment partnership agreement signed

    • June

      Ten asset management partners signed

    • Sep

      FCA authorization for Investment arrangement

    • Nov

      Beta Product soft launch in UK

  2. 2019

    • Jan

      FCA authorization for AISP, PISP

    • April

      Official launch in the UK with crypto payment and banking functions

    • June

        Complete tokenization of all platform financial transactions

    • Sep

      Integration with investment providers via blockchain based KYC

    • Oct
      • Official launch in UK with investment products
      • Soft launch in the rest of the EU
    • Nov

      Official launch in Europe with crypto payment and banking functions

  3. 2020

    • March

      Official launch in Europe with investment products

    • May
      • Soft launch in US
      • Connect to more than 50 financial services partners on the platform
    • July
      • Official launch in US for crypto payment and banking
      • Official launch in rest of Europe with investment products
    • Oct

      Soft launch in Asia

ICO details

  • 10%Public Token Sale
  • 46%Future Sale
  • 15%Company & Market making pool
  • 20%Team and Advisors
  • 9%Bounty, Community and Burnt
  1. April 30


  2. June 07

    Public Sale

  3. July 09

    Token Listing

  • Hard cap

    9,000 ETH

  • Soft cap

    5,000 ETH

  • Price

    1 ETH = 5,000 ZUC

  • Type


  • Total Supply

    720,000,000 ZUC

  • Token Sale Allocation

    78,000,000 ZUC

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